Fast Forward! : Clark has a crack down


Clark has a crack down

The Communities Secretary, Greg Clark, has announced a crackdown on landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. The policy will allow landlords to evict failed asylum seekers without court orders and introduces a prison sentence of up to five years for landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. Tough new rules for sure …

Clark has said the Government wants to “crack down on rogue landlords who make money out of illegal immigration. In future, landlords will be required to ensure that the people they rent their properties to are legally entitled to be in the country … We will also require them to meet their basic responsibilities as landlords, cracking down on those who rent out dangerous, dirty and overcrowded properties."

These steps have been welcomed by the Chief Exec of the National Landlords’ Association on Radio Four’s Today programme. However, he also said “You do wonder how much it relates to the government wanting to be seen to be tough on migration given what's going on in Calais.”  



First in a new series: Seats To Take In 2020 – Bridgend - This is the first in the series of constituencies CWF is already flagging up as ones the Conservatives could target in 2020. The Government have a very slender majority and obviously need to increase it. The sooner the seats are identified the more campaigning can be done to take them. We start with the Welsh seat of Bridgend. I hope you're reading this Prime Minister ...



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On this day, 3rd August, in 1914 Germany declares war on France. As was said to British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey at the time, "the lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time." It took till 1990 for all of Europe to be truly free again …