Fast Forward! : Brokenshire says no to illegal migrant labour

Brokenshire says no to illegal migrant labour

Immigration minister James Brokenshire is a man with a plan. He wants to stop employers getting away with using illegal migrant labour. This notably follows the tough stance the government has recently taken on landlords who rent to illegal immigrants.


Borkenshire has told the Times that “Employers who are prepared to cheat employment rules are also likely to breach health and safety rules and pay insufficient tax. That’s why our new approach will be to use the full force of government machinery to hit them from all angles.” 

The plans will include several hundred more raids by enforcement teams across the country upon all three sectors of the economy. The new Immigration Bill in the autumn will cover in more depth the tougher measures. The BBC’s Robin Brant says that this announcement is related to the Calais migrant crisis as the government wants to be seen ‘as trying its best.’ Can’t wait to see the real meat behind these words …



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On this day, 10th August, in 1675 the first founding stone for the Royal Greenwich Observatory was laid. From this place Britain looked to the stars and were able to conquer the sea. No wonder time is set by the Greenwich observatory. Yes you read that right, the British invented time … What more can this great nation of ours do in future years?