Fast Forward! Battyeford by-election and the battle to turn Dewsbury blue again

TODAY AT CWF: Beth Prescott: Battyeford by-election and the battle to turn Dewsbury blue

Read more about election days, getting out the vote and the beginning of the battle to bring Dewsbury back to the Tories



1)     Fraser Nelson: Prepare yourselves, the Great Migration will continue for decades - The Telegraph

2)     Philip Collins: Get ready for Labour: The Zombie Years - The Times

3)     Iain Dale: Syrian Refugees - here's what a true Compassionate Conservative would do - Conservative Home

4)     David Skelton: The North-East needs a directly elected Mayor - or it will miss out on the Northern Powerhouse - Conservative Home

5)     WATCH: Cameron on migration ' Britain is a moral nation and we will fulfill our moral responsibilities - Conservative Home



On this day, 4th September 1957, the government sponsored Wolfenden Report was published suggesting for the first time that homosexual behaviour between consenting adults should no longer be a criminal offence.  After a three-year long inquiry, the Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution in Great Britain decriminalised homosexuality for good.


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