Fast Forward! : The Hunt for a seven day NHS


The Hunt for a seven day NHS

The hunt is on by the Health Secretary for his dream of a seven day NHS. At the moment weekends at a hospital in Britain are reminiscent of Leyland car manufacturing in the 1970s, the staff are not there! Jeremy Hunt wants to make sure that consultants are working to, heaven forbid, treat patients all the time. Rolling news about this and a summary of the plans are provided by the Telegraph.

The BMA is of course opposed to this. No surprises there ...

Jeremy Hunt is in for a big fight a thus needs allies from within the Conservative Party. Can he rely on the Conservative head of the Health and Select Committee? Well maybe not. Dr Sarah Wollaston when first elected back in October 2014 told GP Online ‘I don't see how it's achievable with the current workforce shortfall. I don't see how it's achievable if you can't get a locum. You can't have GPs working seven days a week.’ It’s going to be one tough fight for an NHS that works …




Sheryll Murray MP: The EU renegotiations are an opportunity for the UK fishing industry Having been born and raised in the beautiful constituency of South East Cornwall, fishing has and will always be an integral part of not only my life- but the livelihoods of so many of my constituents.

Water Cannons? You Decide! – Take the CWF Poll




4pm(ish) - Lord Butler of Brockwell - Alternatives to proposals for English votes on English laws – Maggie’s Cabinet Secretary like anyone in the civil service tries to find a compromise over EVEL. He should remember that ‘there is no alternative’ …




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On this day, 16th July, in 1990 Ukraine’s Soviet Parliament declared its own sovereignty and thus broke away from the USSR. The Russians promised Ukraine that it would respect its independence and borders. Mr Putin has clearly forgotten his experiences as head of the Committee of External Relations during 1990 …