Exclusive: Tooting Tories slam Khan over hate rally


The Tooting Tories are not happy that Sadiq Khan has refused to condemn a "deliberately provocative" rally by hate-preacher Anjem Choudary. As we covered earlier today, Khan has ignored a virtual avalanche of residents complaining about extreme Islamists in Tooting Broadway station.

Dan Watkins - our Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman in Tooting - said exclusively to CWF earlier:

'We live in a democracy and freedom of speech is to be cherished, but that does not mean turning a blind eye to those who espouse extreme ideologies. The 'No2Democracy' campaign promoted by Mr Choudary is deliberately provocative given the diverse nature of our area.Β Having campaigned very actively in Tooting in recent years, I know first-hand that our large Muslim community is actively engaged in local politics and that Mr Choudary's views are not at all representative. As such, I'm disappointed that Sadiq Khan is refusing to comment on this topic, rather than highlighting that Mr Choudary does not speak for the Islamic community here'.

Sadiq Khan is still missing in action, and refusing to condemn Choudary's chilling hatred of freedom and democracy.Β This doesn't bode well for his campaign to be Labour's mayoral candidate ...