Ex-chair of Greenpeace sues Uber for Jezza Corbyn's cronies

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It's a very cozy world on the Left of British politics. So what do they do with all their money and connections? They attack free market Uber.

Jezza Corbyn is being financed by GMB for Labour leader to 'teach [the] party a lesson' and because 'he represents the kind of Labour values the unions want to support'. This is the same GMB who is financing a court case against free market Uber.

GMB are arguing against the self-employed nature of Uber drivers, specifically focusing on the minimum wage and 'legal standards on discipline'. They are using Leigh Day, a left-wing law firm to run the case.

Leigh Day is run by Martyn Day, who is a former chairman of Greenpeace. This is the Greenpeace who were recently condemned for committing 'a crime against humanity' over objections about GM crops.

Martyn Day is also an 'Executive Committee Member of the Society of Labour Lawyers'. And Comrade Corbyn is obviously a Labour MP to finish off this circle.

Why do they hate freedom?

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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