Esther Das: Why I support Zac Goldsmith

The London Mayoral election is just days away, and there is no better time for me to share the reasons why I am voting for Zac Goldsmith. Some people find it strange that despite being a Pakistani Londoner who shares Sadiq Khan's ethnic background, I find myself more inclined to vote for Zac Goldsmith.


There are concrete reasons for my choice that are relevant to all Londoners. I would feel safer in London if Zac Goldsmith were the Mayor of London. All the other very important issues of better homes, transport, support for small business and the economy are secondary to my right to live. I need a Mayor who is willing and able to ensure that security will be dealt with appropriately, especially after the recent attacks on Brussels and Paris.

We do not need empty words in London, we need Zac Goldsmith's valuable wisdom and determination. Zac’s exposure to numerous cultures and his active ability to think ahead makes him the perfect candidate for Mayor. Zac has explored global diversity and the threats facing human-kind, far before he started his political career.

I will feel more included and integrated if Zac Goldsmith is the Mayor of London. Out of all the candidates, Zac is the most vastly travelled one, who has not only experienced many diverse cultures but has cultivated great respect for diversity through this exposure. Prior to his active participation in politics, he demonstrated his interest in diversity and equality by co-authoring the book: WE ARE ONE, A celebration of Tribal Cultures. Sadiq Khan might come from a similarly humble background to myself, but his world view is very limited and not at all inclusive.

I feel more hopeful for the economic security of London if Zac is elected Mayor. Sadiq has already encountered a problem about mishandled funds for which he has apologised, but this makes me skeptical of his ability to handle and allocate funds for the things that matter as the Mayor of London. London cannot afford such errors of judgment.

In a nutshell, I will vote for Zac Goldsmith for three concrete reasons: his philanthropy, his exposure to and reverence for the vast variety of cultures in London, and his track record as a politician to make AND deliver on his promises!