David Cameron's 'swarm' is deliberately echoing Margaret Thatcher's 'swamped'


The Prime Minister has come under criticism from the Left for using the word 'swarm' to describe the large scale Calais migrant crisis. This whole issue is beginning to gain a life of it's own and for most ordinary people is the biggest current issue the country must solve. To do calm people down and be more sensible Cameron is deliberately echoing the words of Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher deliberately used the word 'swamped' in 1978 in order to show ordinary people that the Conservatives were listening to their fears on migration. It was very emotive language for sure. But what was the result? Margaret Thatcher almost completely stopped the National Front in it's tracks and calmed hysteria on immigration.

David Cameron is trying to do that as well. There are always going to be awful people with awful views on the migrants in Calais. This was shown very well by the Huffington Post yesterday. These comments are unacceptable but some more reasonable people when they believe a crisis is taking place will tend to agree with the spirit of what the anti-immigrant lunatics say.

Cameron is rightly trying to diffuse a situation which could become hysterical and win back public confidence. Of course this is only the first step. The British people do want to see some action as well.

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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