Danny Bowman: The Conservatives can lead on improving mental health care

A system tailored to each person needs is completely in keeping with Conservative Party philosophy.


We have seen great strides by every political party in bringing a light on mental health over the past election period and I commend everyone that did.

It’s hard having a mental health issue but imagine being hauled around services, not seeing the same mental health professional which you have built up so much trust with, admitted into an adult psychiatric ward with people twice your age. This is the damming truth for a young person who suffers mental illness at the age of 18.  

Many young people suffering mental health problems including myself a former sufferer have experienced this disruptive transition. Mental Health professionals have described major transition problems and explained that the culture and method of approach in adult services simply does not work with 18 year olds. 

Camhs services adopt a family approach and recognise that for the young person family remains important as they are facing major transitions in their life. 

This is where I get to the point I believe the Conservative Party can lead on, by implementing a change that sees a new system in mental health care. 

It would see a more individualised system which focuses on the needs of each individual. A less rigid approach that sees young people at 18 not being cut off but being supported with consistency, from a service that understands the needs of younger adults up until the age of 25. 

Economically this would benefit by being able to reduce expenditure on adult services. A younger adult focused service would be able to better meet the needs of this group, supporting their ongoing recovery in a way that might prevent them ever needing to transition into an adult service at the age of 25.  

It could mean also greater opportunities for them young people to carry on or go back to there studies, more young people carrying on working or getting into work with a compassionate way forward. 

Conservatives have done some good stuff for the people suffering from mental illness but they need to go further and break down the barriers that hinder young people suffering from mental illness and giving them a better life. 

I urge all conservative activists and councillors, members of parliament and the health secretary himself to fight for a better future for young people who suffer from mental illness and value them as our next generation. 

I have started a petition calling for a Children's and Adoloscent Mental Health Services that last till 25. Please sign my petition so we can have a more individual mental health care system.

Danny Bowman during the General Election Campaign ran Mental Health 2015.

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  • Rupert Peck
    commented 2015-08-13 11:02:33 +0100
    Seriously, does nobody ever read through these articles?
    “It could mean also greater opportunities for them young people to carry on or go back to there studies”
    “Danny Bowman during the General Election Campaign ran Mental Health 2015”

    Leaving aside hilarious assertions that have no substance whatsoever (such as: “Economically this would benefit by being able to reduce expenditure on adult services”), the level of English in these articles is beyond embarrassing.

    I’m really not being mean; I just can’t bear how rubbish this is, when it could, should and MUST be so much better.