CWF Statement on Vote of Confidence in the Party Leader



The vote of confidence in the Prime Minister’s leadership of the Conservative Party this evening presents Conservative Members of Parliament with an opportunity to reset the leadership of the United Kingdom.

Each MP must reach their own informed judgement on how to vote and it is not, nor should be, the role of a voluntary group like Conservative Way Forward to advise them.


It is however very much the function and duty of Conservative Way Forward to ask MPs to reflect long and hard about the challenges facing the country and to ask themselves who is best equipped to offer Britain the leadership she needs.


The referendum of 2016 was the largest democratic exercise our country has ever seen. Many people who had not participated in elections came out in force to rally to the banner of ‘Take back control.’ Yet more than two years on many of those voters look at the deal this Prime Minister has secured and feel it does not respect the result of the referendum.


To make matters worse having lost the Government’s overall majority with the Prime Minister’s and Ben Gummer’s toxic manifesto, her European deal now imperils the confidence and supply deal with the DUP on which the Government now relies to get any business through the House of Commons.


As the process of Brexit limps on to some as yet unknown conclusion the Government has all but abandoned any pretence of having a domestic agenda or vision.


The risks to the Conservative Party can scarcely be understated.


It is in this context that Conservative MPs will vote this evening.


Britain desperately needs vision and leadership.  Both have been in short supply of late.


If Mrs May is to continue in her role she must urgently convince her MPs that she is capable of delivering that leadership.  If she cannot her MPs must wonder if the task should be given to someone else.