CWF members vote in favour of cutting benefits for fat people who refuse to lose weight


CWF members have voted in favour to cut welfare for fat people who refuse to lose weight by a large margin.

Seventy two per cent of CWF members think that fat people on 'sickness benefit' should tighten their belts. The obese that are unable to work should lose weight, not claim welfare that is meant for the truly disabled.

On the other hand twenty eight per cent of CWF members do not agree with the PM's suggested idea. Of course the inquiry investigating ideas for a change in welfare in the country will look into all sorts of proposals.

We'll all have to 'weight' with anticipation for what the inquiry suggests.

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  • commented 2015-07-31 07:50:25 +0100
    Anorexics too of course, it’s only fair. Isn’t it?