CWF at Conference 2016: FREE Monday evening drinks with Charlie Elphicke MP overlooking the canal


Come and join CWF on Monday 3rd October at 6pm on the terrace of one of the most picturesque bars in town - the Malt House. 

Situated just outside the secure zone overlooking the canal, we will be gathering there with Charlie Elphicke MP to hear all about Brexit, the UK-France border, and the Calais Jungle.

If you go to the back of the ICC and turn right along the canal, you will see the Malt House on the right-hand side about 200m along from the secure zone. We will be on the first floor balcony from 6pm and wrapping up proceedings around 8pm. 

Please read this personal message from Charlie:

Just last weekend, three suspected migrants were arrested in Walmer in my constituency of Dover & Deal. More must be done to prevent these people traffickers from landing migrants on our shores. This is why I have been calling for a new Dover Patrol led by the Royal Marines to protect our borders.

Earlier this month I visited the Calais Jungle. I welcome French President Hollande’s promise today that he will dismantle Calais Jungle, and it is essential for our two countries to work together on this. But we must deal with the causes of this crisis – not just the symptoms. That means we should spend less time building walls and fences. We need to focus on dismantling the Jungle and helping the people there back to their home nations. It is vital we protect tourists, truckers and trade from petrol bombing, chainsaw revving, machete wielding people traffickers.

Please join me at Conservative Party Conference to discuss these important issues over a drink at the Malt House pub.

We will see you there!

  • October 03, 2016 at 6pm – 8pm
  • The Malt House Terrace
    75 King Edwards Rd
    Birmingham B1 2NX
    United Kingdom
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