CWF Academy in Romford - Public Speaking with Peter Botting


Andrew Rosindell MP is the Godfather of grassroots campaigning. 

So where better to hold our next CWF Academy, than Romford? 

Our second Academy training weekend will be on the 31st October / 1st November and we are going to make it a half day completely dedicated to improving your public speaking skills, plus dinner, drinks, and a night out at Romford dog track!

We are thrilled that Peter Botting will be carrying out the training for us.

Peter is a Strategy, Storytelling and Speaker Coach who has coached speakers featured on TEDMED and

He has worked with politicians and business people around the world, helping them to tell their stories and give speeches and presentations in the style of TED talks. 

He worked with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister on his address to the United Nations and over 1/3 of current UK Conservative MPs have been through his training. Peter was responsible for getting the Labour Party to join the No2AV campaign. 

He has worked with major global brands including SAP, Mercedes, ThyssenKrupp and IBM and has prepared speakers for industry keynotes, television interviews, investor pitches, internal and external stakeholder presentations and appearances in front of a United Kingdom Parliamentary Select Committee - similar to congressional testimony. 


Here's the plan:

Saturday 31st October: 1pm Arrive in Romford

  • A half-day of public speaking training, from a top-level expert.
  • A hearty dinner and drinks at a nearby pub.
  • A night out at Romford Dog Track!

We'll stay overnight locally.

Sunday 1st November

  • A hearty brunch together in the morning.
  • We all go home wiser, weary and having had a great weekend!

There are two types of ticket available:

1. Day ticket - £55: Includes the half-day of CWF public speaking training, dinner, and drinks. 

2. Overnight ticket - £79: Includes the half-day of public speaking training, dinner, and drinks... PLUS overnight hotel accommodation and free entry to Romford Dog track.


P.S. Our Academy weekend in Margate sold out very quickly so be sure to book early!

  • October 31, 2015 at 1pm – November 01, 2015
  • 121 people are going
  • Chrissie Boyle
£20.00 GBP · Purchase tickets
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Will you come?

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