Cllr Dr Kathy Smethers: Why Brexit is the positive action in the EU Referendum

The European Union is a big, incompetent, bureaucracy with lots of vested interests and it is almost impossible to negotiate real reform.


My vision for Europe is the United Sovereign States of Europe (USSE). This would be a completely different system of rule with democracy at its heart.  Power is devolved back to sovereign states, which would decide on border controls, currency and the rule of law in their own country. 

Countries work together in a common market and security measures are worked on collectively as now. Border controls would benefit all European Nations in their attempts to control Isis.

The only way to force Europe to look at these reforms is by leaving and negotiating out. Over two years we will have Europe’s attention to get this vision across as part of the terms of our exit. We must be a bold nation and lead Europe out of its difficulties, showing by example how a new system could work. 

Why can’t individual European Nations celebrate their uniqueness? Britain could use pounds and ounces again if we wished. France could produce unpasteurised cheese again. Italian salami could taste unique not bound by one size fits all regulations. If we were all selling unique products there would be room in the market for everyone and economies would start to improve. The Greek Tourist industry could celebrate the culture of Greece which is different to what Italy has to offer. The bland sameness of conforming to European regulations would be no more. We could adopt what works and abandon what doesn’t without ideological traps.

If other member states were able to see the economic advantages of leaving, the terms of our exit would be favourable. We could keep our free trade agreements, because they would all be looking to join us as the USSE when the time was right for them to do so. This would be a transition to a better Europe.

Debt problems could be eased using the Rhodes Currency Plan

This plan could be shared as a bargaining tool to achieve favourable terms on Brexit. The plan allows the countries in the Eurozone to devalue their currencies while still remaining in the Euro. It will highlight the vision for the whole of Europe not just Britain.

Any Country that liked what we were proposing and wished to join us in our exit could be encouraged to do so and start the transition to USSE.

Buildings and structures would be required to run the USSE in a very different style to the EU, but Brussels and Strasbourg could be used again. Nothing needs to go to waste.

EU countries have to vote to allow our exit and are more likely to agree if they can see the future of Europe tied up in it.

If the people of Britain grasped the future of Europe they would be likely to vote for Brexit by a large majority. I certainly as a Europhile would be voting for Brexit under those circumstances.

Kathy Smethers is a Councillor in Eastbourne, and also serves as a school governor. She previously worked as an A&E doctor in London before retiring to bring up her two daughters.

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 If you are interested in this proposal as a campaign strategy and vision for the future, or if you would like to use it in some form please contact Kathy.