Cllr Kathy Smethers: The Brexit Campaign requires a strategic economic plan

Just 27% of the Greeks, 38% of the French and 47% of the Spanish have a favourable opinion of the EU, a Pew Research Centre poll recently revealed.


45% of voters in 8 member states want their own In/Out referendum and a third of the 6000 people polled across Europe said they would opt to leave the EU given the chance, according to a poll in the Daily Mail recently. 

Forty-eight percent of voters thought a British vote to leave would result in other countries also leaving the bloc. It is estimated up to 13 other EU states have significant numbers of voters who have expressed interest in leaving the EU if we Brexit. 

It will really benefit the Brexit campaign to announce a sound economic plan for what happens when we leave. Part of this plan should be asking those 13 states to join us in a common market with joint security treaties and renewal of sovereignty for all. 

This would result in Armageddon for the EU dream and protection for those member states that leave. There would be safety in numbers. The EU would not be able to bully any country wishing to leave. Favourable trade terms would be inevitable and we would be calling the shots in Europe. 

This proposal could be used to ratchet up pressure on the Remain Campaign in the last week before the referendum and persuade the EU hierarchy we mean business if we leave. 

Leaving would not be as risky as remaining under those circumstances, and we could negotiate trade deals with a bloc of up to half the current EU aware that their better future and economic prosperity are possible. We would be able to take control of our own future and avoid the civil unrest which would be inevitable if no reform occurs in Europe. The question of what Exit would look like would be answered. 

We cannot ignore Europe of we leave and no one wants to have a potential warzone on our doorstep. It would be far better to negotiate with other European Countries. After all, the problem is with the European Union not Europe.


Kathy Smethers is a Councillor in Eastbourne, and also serves as a school governor. She previously worked as an A&E doctor in London before retiring to bring up her two daughters.

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