Councillor Joy Morrissey: Why I Back Zac

I am thrilled to be a Conservative candidate on the London-wide Assembly list and am looking forward to Zac getting elected in May.


I was born in the States and came to London to do my masters at London School of Economics in European Social & Economic policy. My experience of the unspoken left-wing agenda of the LSE played a large part in confirming my commitment to the values of the Conservative party, the same values that are shared by the silent majority of the British public. I’m married to an Englishman, my child was born here, and I’m now a British citizen. 

My professional background is in film and the performing arts. I also have wide experience doing humanitarian work in Albania, Kosova, China and India (I studied Chinese & Albanian) and love working cross-culturally which made me an effective community outreach person when I was working for former MP Angie Bray.  I enjoyed this and I believe it is important that the Conservative party recognises the need for a broader base across different communities, particularly in London.

My priority for London is affordable housing for working people of my generation. One of Boris Johnson's greatest achievements has been to deliver 100,000 new homes for London. I'm confident that Zac will build on that as well as working tirelessly to improve the lives of Londoners in terms of transport and the environment. The alternative left wing socialist paradise promised by his opponent will not only fail to deliver, but set our capital city back decades.  We must ensure victory for Zac to stop that nightmare becoming reality.


Joy Morrissey is a Conservative Councillor in Ealing and is on the London-wide Assembly List.

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