Brexit Breakfast with Liam Fox MP

Earlier this week the Rt. Hon Liam Fox MP came and spoke at a ‘Brexit Breakfast’ hosted by Conservative Way Forward in the City of London.


In response to those who claim that Great Britain would be alone in the world if we voted to Leave, Dr Fox had the following to say:

‘We would still have - a seat on the security council at the UN, we’d still be a member of the G7 and the G20, we would still have the 5th largest economy in the world and the 5th largest defence budget. We’d still be at the heart of NATO. We’d continue our special relationship with the USA. We’d still be at the heart of the Commonwealth, We’d have a seat at the World Bank and seat at the IMF - this doesn’t sound like a country cast out into darkness, it sounds like a country that is very well-connected for the modern world.’

He concluded by asking the following question of any undecideds ‘if we were not members of the EU, would you choose to join it on the 23rd?’ and finally ‘Brexit should not be seen so much as Leaving the EU, but rather rejoining the rest of the world. That’s where Great Britain’s destiny actually lies’.

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