Bret Facey: At this pivotal moment, clear, competent and conciliatory leadership is needed

On Friday the 24th, having been up all night, like everyone who campaigned for Leave, I was ecstatic with the unexpected referendum result. But lurking amongst those feeling of exhilaration was equal concern for the issues now facing the country post referendum, such as achieving the best deal from Brussels, reuniting the country and preventing the further rise of repugnant nationalism spouted by the SNP. 


Who, after the Prime Minister’s resignation, could resolve these critical issues ahead of us and deliver a better, more secure future for every family as we campaigned for during the General Election? 

For me there was only one answer, Theresa May. 

This may seem peculiar coming from a Eurosceptic, but as a Party we must think of the bigger picture. We are, despite last year’s polling predictions, in government, hence we need somebody who is ready to govern from day one. There is not time, especially with the current instability, for an outsider with little ministerial or public experience to become our leader and Prime Minister. Theresa has shown clearly in her time at the Home Office that she has an affinity for domestic matters and her competent, calm approach to any task she is presented with means she can deliver the best for Britain. More than that, we don't need just a Brexit Prime Minister. Yes, we need someone that can handle EU negotiations, but run the country as well. Theresa May sets out clearly that her vision for the UK extends beyond just the referendum fallout. 

David Cameron has delivered substantial change over the past 6 years, reforming the political, social and economic prospects of the country, but there are still fundamental problems. Theresa can give the leadership and clear vision to create a country that works for everyone, increasing social mobility, developing our fantastic economy and further welfare reform. She has shown through her achievements at the Home Office that she can simply get on with the job which is what is needed at this time, we don't need a PR consultant, but someone who gets on with the job and delivers for Britain.  

Politically, we must think long term. While Conservatives are captivated with the EU, we must remember the electorate considers it a boring and off putting issue. We know through Theresa May’s campaign launch speech that she sees well beyond the issue of Europe, to the concerns the electorate really cares about such as the cost of living, the NHS and social mobility. She demonstrates this clearly when outlining that the poorest in Britain still have a noticeably shorter life expectancy than the affluent. It's confronting issues like this with Theresa; we can build a One-Nation, progressive Conservative Party and Country. It's through her progressive vision, as a Party we can expand and diversify our membership, along with increasing our vote share with young people and other sectors of the electorate where we’ve declined over the past 5 General Elections.  

Finally, I urge Party members to think with their head, as well as their heart when voting for our next leader and Prime Minister, to elect someone who can lead us out of Europe as well as confronting the other major issues facing the country. We need a leader who can grow our Party and its support base so we can remain relevant in the modern era, especially when we see our Labour counterparts crumbling into obscurity. I passionately believe that the only person who can deliver this is Theresa May and I urge members to vote for her in the coming weeks.

*These are the views of Bret Facey and do not represent the corporate view of CWF.

Bret is Chairman of Stevenage Conservative Future in Hertfordshire and works closely with the town's MP Stephen McPartland on a variety of campaigns affecting the Constituency. He worked in league with the constituency Vote Leave coordinator to Get Out The Vote across the town on June 23rd. He is an avid political and military historian.

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