Beth Prescott: Stephen Crabb - Our Man For Brexit and Beyond

They say a week is a long time in politics. At the moment, a single day is a very long time in politics. No one has ever seen anything quite like this past week. However one thing we do know is that on September 9th we will have a new Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader.

We should be proud that there is a strong slate of talented candidates to choose from. However, for me, there is no and was never any question about which candidate I am backing.

That candidate is Stephen Crabb. 


‘But you campaigned for leave in the EU referendum’, I hear you cry. Yes I did...and Stephen for remain. That is almost irrelevant now.  A democratic decision was made to leave the EU and Stephen has pledged to follow that decision - no ifs, no buts, no second referendum. We need to move on from the ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ labels that have attempted to divide the Party for too long and unite behind a leader to guide us through Brexit and beyond. Stephen is that leader.

On Wednesday, Stephen made it clear he is fully aware just how complex a matter leaving the EU will be. No one ever said Brexit would be easy. We need a serious leader with strong and stable pair of hands to carry it forward and Stephen is that leader. Stephen has the skills to negotiate the best exit route possible and is fully aware of the needs of everyone across society and will battle relentlessly for those needs through Brexit and beyond. This is a man who has had to fight tooth and nail for everything in life, exactly the person we want leading our way out of the EU and beyond.

This leadership election is about more than just the EU. We need to look further into the future. Stephen has proved himself the absolute ambassador of supporting people across all communities and working to provide opportunity to everyone, regardless of their background. Through his own experience, he is all too aware nothing in life gets handed to you on a plate. He is dedicated to creating a society full of opportunity and life chances, where if you work hard enough for something you will get it, no matter what your background. As a young Northerner who has been involved in her local community from a young age, this is so important to me and my area, and I have never known anyone more passionately committed to this than Stephen.

While some people are torn whether to base their decision on personality or policy, Stephen offers an abundance of both. A serious politician for a serious time. A steady pair of hands to guide an unsteady ship. A unifying figure to bring both the Party and the United Kingdom back together. A man who came into politics to break down the barriers of opportunity. A hard-worker who has fought every single day of his life to get where he is and will fight for this country with the same passion and determination. I have often thought Stephen has so much grit he might very well be a Yorkshireman!

Stephen says and does everything with conviction and compassion and is the most humble man I have ever met. This is not a man that seeks advantage from background nor makes moves purely for the sake of his career, but one who battles forward on principle. He is a team player, keen to listen and consult with people to make sure he gets decisions right first time and takes everyone along with him. In this time of uncertainty and division, this is what the Party needs and what the country needs.

My politics teacher often used to say ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man’. This is Stephen’s hour and he is our man. Let’s get behind him.

*These are the views of Beth Prescott and do not represent the corporate view of CWF.

Beth works for a debt counselling charity, and in the General Election last year she stood as the Conservative candidate in Normanton, Pontefract, & Castleford against Yvette Cooper.

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