Bertha Joseph: Why I Back Zac

I am privileged to be in a position to vote for and support Zac Goldsmith as our next Mayor of London, to succeed Boris Johnson and continue Boris's legacy.


I have been campaigning for Zac Goldsmith because I firmly believe that his focus on housing, transport and green open space are issues that many Londoners can identify with and are concerned about. What impresses me most is that these are not issues which Zac is raising because he is a Candidate for Mayor of London. He has consistently raised these issues and he has a very good record for following things through.  

Zac's commitment to inclusivity and diversity is second to none. His very sensitive approach to issues and his desire for inclusiveness is very impressive to me as someone who managed a Business Unit responsible for Hate Crime in South East London. I know Zac, and I am speaking from personal experience. Zac is a very safe pair of hands and I trust him with the keys to City Hall because I believe that he will deliver his promises and continue Boris Johnson's legacy, making London the most desirable City in Europe and the world.  

I'm voting for Zac Goldsmith and I urge all my family and friends to trust my judgement and vote for Zac Goldsmith on May 5th.  

Bertha Joseph served as a Councillor on Brent Council for over 24 years and was the first African Caribbean Mayor of the London Borough of Brent: London's most diverse borough. She is also the Secretary of Brent Central Conservative Association.