Benjamin Elijah: Zac Goldsmith Will Make London Greater

London as a city is currently suffering from a housing crisis. The population is increasingly dense, and it is increasingly difficult to find housing which is both affordable and maintained to an acceptable standard. Zac Goldsmith will double house building by 2020, to 50,000 homes per year.


Creating jobs and boosting the economy is of prime importance in a creating a successful big city. This election is not just about a change of personnel, it has the opportunity to be the catalyst for a big influx of revenue. London's nightlife, for example, is a huge market that has not yet been exploited to its full potential been reason due to problems with transport. By implementing Zac Goldsmith's plans to improve London transport, including the night tube and Crossrail 2, the London economy will be boosted by an astonishing £360m.

Development must be combined with a commitment to protecting London's environment, and ensuring pollution is kept as low as possible. The green belt surrounding London must also be protected, and we must tighten the rules on HGVs, encourage greener vehicles, and promote safer cycling. Balancing the two very important issues of the economy and the environment might seem to be an impossible task, but Zac's ideologies and methods prove it can be done. We all want to move towards a more environmentally friendly city, and with Zac's help we can.

Crime in London is also a big issue: the very least Londoners deserve is to feel safe in their own streets. We need more protection from our neighbourhood police, and we need to find the root of crime in our communities in order to work towards preventing it.

Khan and Corbyn’s will to experiment with London’s future is just not feasible. Sadiq Khan will cost the average London household £1,300 in council tax over the next four years. Zac Goldsmith is right when he says that "London needs a Mayor who can get the best deal with the Government to keep the economy, and the family finances, secure. A four year Khan-Corbyn experiment in City Hall would put that all at risk." Creating a stable, growing society is the most important Conservative policy.

Benjamin Elijah is a freelancer with a degree in communications in media who enjoys writing on and analysing social and political issues.

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