BBC whitewash real employment story in Britain


The BBC are not known as great allies of the Conservatives. Today this was proven once again as they try and whitewash Britain's jobs recovery.

The Beeb have taken all of the numbers about jobs and found one that fits their left-wing argument of everything is going wrong.

For two months in a row the percentage of those unemployed has risen. From the way the BBC News article was presented it would seem like the long term economic plan has fallen to pieces. But it hasn't.

Two months worth of data is not a trend, and the rest of the jobs data is very positive. There are 354,000 more people employed than a year ago, and these jobs are almost all full-time. The employment rate has risen to 73.4%. And wages continue to increase at 2.4%. The British economy is doing well.

The BBC can say what it likes, but the British jobs recovery continues to roll on.

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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