Andrew Boff answers our questions



1) What is your top priority for London?
I have more than one in my aim to make London a more liveable city:

Give hope on housing by starting a self-build revolution: I'll give away surplus state land to families so they can build their "Grand Designs";

- Apart from in 5 areas, no new residential development will exceed 6 storeys;

- Increase local policing by scrapping the 32 Borough commands, giving the Commissioner the freedom to fight crime in the most effective way; 

- Introduce direct democracy to London;

- Enforce street-based design through the London Plan;

Start building 400,000 homes in garden suburbs around London and keep the Green Belt intact.

And there is so much more!


2) What was Boris Johnson's best policy?

Ending decades of indecision (masquerading as laissez-faire) on runway capacity by firmly supporting an estuary hub. Unfortunately, this contest could see the Party abandon that hard work.


3) Who is your favourite figure from London's history?

Without endorsing some of his views - Quentin Crisp. 


4) Where is your favourite spot in London?

Love nearly all of it which is why I attended the launch of the National Park City. However, if pushed I would choose London Fields on a misty morning.


5) How will you get grassroots Conservative activists involved in your Mayoral campaign?

Our broad church is at its best when run like London's escalators - we should stand firmly on the right to give others space to progress at their own pace. I will give people low tax, strivers' policies to fight for but be open to new ideas to tackle poverty and improve the environment. This is going to be fun! 


6) What was Ken Livingston's worst policy?

The Congestion Charge


7) How would you help Londoners on low incomes?

Lobby government to proactively enforce the minimum wage or let London Boroughs do it properly. Poor enforcement is the main reason for the crowds at Calais. The shadow city of trafficked and migrant labour is undercutting honest businesses and hurts low paid workers more. I will end the daft pursuit of equality and attack poverty instead. 


8) Congestion Charge: for or against expansion in West London?

Scrap the existing one. I am a low tax Tory.


9) Do you have a favourite London pub?

Anywhere that serves Fullers beer and some that don't - but with a gun against my head? The Red Lion on Hillingdon Hill.


10) Tube automation: where do you stand?

I will aim for one line driverless by 2020 and three by 2024 with the ultimate aim of total automation. 

We have to break the stranglehold of the unions on London’s economy. We should employ a reserve of ex-tube drivers who can run the services during a strike. I will encourage the government to ban strikes on the underground. 

Others want the Mayor to be involved in negotiations with the RMT by "banging heads together" or introducing transparency. The political limelight created by this is what the RMT want. I will appoint (or sack) the negotiators but will not give in to union demands to take part in the negotiations. It shows weakness.


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