Adam Gale: Ninety Years of Duty

Today our monarch turns ninety years old. For sixty-four years and seventy-five days of those she has been our Head of State.


In the minds of many people, myself included, she is the greatest Head of State the world has ever known. Her Majesty the Queen's reign should not just be viewed like the many that have gone before her, but as a second Elizabethan age in which there has been unprecedented change.

From the age of twenty-one when the then Princess Elizabeth stated in South Africa while addressing Britain and the Commonwealth that her “whole life whether it be long or short shall be dedicated to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong,” Queen Elizabeth II has been a tireless servant to this nation and its people. 

It is in the simple but unbelievably powerful act, the decision to give one’s life to something greater than one’s self, which makes the system of constitutionally monarchy, and especially the House of Windsor in particular such a powerful force for good in this nation. 

As Philip Larkin penned so beautifully at the time of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee:

In times when nothing stood
But worsened or grew strange
There was one constant good,
She did not change. 

May Her Majesty the Queen continue to reign over us her loyal subjects, and may the Head of State of this, the greatest nation on earth, continue to be drawn from a family that knows nothing of that terrible thing called political careerism, and who will always put their duty to their country and we its people first. 

Adam Gale works in retail operations and is setting up his own business in men’s silk fashion accessories. 

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