Action Sunday at Party Conference 2015!


Join Conservative Way Forward at Conference this year on our action-packed Campaign Bus! 

At CWF we don't just talk about campaigning: we get out there and do it. That's why a huge team of us will be boarding the CWF campaign bus at 2pm on Sunday 4th October, with leading figures from the Conservative movement led by Graham Brady MP, Liam Fox MP, and others. 

We are headed to Trafford - the only Conservative-held council in the Manchester region and one that is extremely marginal. We need to hold it next year, to ensure that Corbyn's Labour Party don't start to gain traction. 

To secure the long-term economic recovery that Britain needs, it's critical that we keep up the momentum now - especially in places like Trafford that need our help. 

Sign up below to register your seat for the bus. We only have 75 spots aboard the double-decker and it will be first-come-first-serve: so please only book a seat if you can really join us on the day.  

Here's the plan for Sunday 4th October: 

2pm: Assemble outside the secure zone and board the CWF campaign bus. Precise location TBC. 

5pm: We'll be back at the secure zone by 5pm, safe in the knowledge we've done our bit to help the Trafford Conservatives, Graham Brady MP, and our other colleagues in the North West. 

RSVP to say you'll join us. 

PS - Anyone who joins us on the CWF Campaign Bus will gain FREE ENTRY to our infamous CWF midnight reception that evening! (Tickets for non-members are £30).



  • October 04, 2015 at 2pm – 5pm
  • Manchester Central Convention Complex
    Windmill Street
    Manchester M2 3GX
    United Kingdom
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  • 302 people are going
  • Chrissie Boyle
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Who's RSVPing

James Deighton
Biju Gopinath
Jason Shepherd
Anthony Gearing
Liam Walker
Chris Williams
Dave Hilton
Reece Fox Mp
Lucinda Sharpe
Will Walter
Andy Phillips
Sarah-Stephanie Skjoldevik
James Callum Johnson
Kanwal Toor Gill
Matt Snape
Natalie Newman
Daniel Caldicott
Mahyar Tousi
Akbar Arif
Frances Lasok
Owen Evans
Luke Proudfoot
Tom Liddiard
Steve Davies
Ryan Hunter
Felix Mil
Ahmedur Rahman (Attic)
Roy Miah
Chris Pearson
Ben Wagstaff

Will you come?

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  • James Deighton
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  • Biju Gopinath
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  • Jason Shepherd
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  • Will Walter
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  • Sarah-Stephanie Skjoldevik
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  • James Callum Johnson
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  • Kanwal Toor Gill
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  • Matt Snape
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  • Natalie Newman
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  • Daniel Caldicott
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  • Mahyar Tousi
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  • Akbar Arif
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  • Frances Lasok
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  • Owen Evans
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