[RESULTS] CWF activists reject delaying the Night Tube

It was an absolute landslide.


95% of CWF activists want the Night Tube to start as originally planned on September 12th. This might incur additional costs, but is an essential show of strength against the unions.

Boris said he would not get into a 'staring match' with the unions about the precise day the Night Tube begins. But only 5% of our members backed him up on this.

The message is clear -Β CWF activists want the Night Tube, and want to smash the luddite trade unions.

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  • John M Davey
    commented 2015-08-14 16:05:02 +0100
    Teach soldiers to drive underground trains then they can strike as much as they like then you sack them and replace them Bus Drivers would like their jobs and be grateful for a greatly increased pay packet i.e. what the underground drivers are getting for a much simpler job no bicycles lorries pedestrians or cars to avoid on the underground