• "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

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Jon Stanley: The Conservative NHS has radically improved patient safety

The unspoken rule of by-elections is that Labour attacks the Tories on health and the Tory candidate has to mumble something about being fully committed to it and then moving on to the economy, jobs, or something else at which we outshine labour. There are a lot of things we outshine labour on. Continue reading

Scott Mann MP: Cornwall's fishermen have been treated heinously under the Common Fisheries Policy

Throughout the EU Referendum campaign, one thing that we heard repeatedly from Remain campaigners was that Cornwall would lose tens of millions of pounds in funding from Brussels. Aside to the fact that the current funding programme is due to end by 2020 anyway and that the EU had not hinted at any further funding, they failed to mention that this was actually British taxpayers’ money being recycled with extra strings attached. Continue reading

David Cowan: The Urgent Need for Prison Reform

Theresa May kicked off this year with a bold social reform speech which outlined her vision for a ‘Shared Society’. Instead of focusing solely on ‘social justice’ and ‘social mobility’, May promised ‘real social reform across every layer of society’. We have yet to see how this rhetoric will be translated into policy, but it is worrying that May appears to be distancing herself from the social reform agenda pursued by David Cameron. Continue reading

James Hockney: Time for new rail strike laws to curb the unions

The ongoing strikes on the London underground tube and on the Southern Rail routes are inflicting misery on millions of commuters. As one of those millions of commuters I have seen first hand the frustration and inconvenience to normal hard working people –  just simply trying to get to their place of employment. Continue reading

Chris Rowell: Nobody should be complacent about Copeland

The resignation of Jamie Reed was perhaps the final political shock of 2016. The resultant by-election has already caused a frenzy of excitement in the Conservative Party, from activists all the way up to the Cabinet. Continue reading

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