• "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

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Zak Wagman: I supported Remain - I was wrong

I supported a Remain vote during the EU referendum earlier this year. I campaigned for Britain Stronger in Europe, and Conservatives IN, because I felt that that was in the best interests of the country. I was always a ‘Reluctant Remainer’ – although I did not like the EU, and a lot of what it stood for, I thought that we would all be better off, and our economy would be stronger, if we stayed a member.  Continue reading

Graham Hutchison: Disproving Darwin – The Republican Party Since Reagan

Thirty six years ago today a man who epitomised the American dream was elected to the nation’s highest office.  The son of a second generation Irish immigrant salesman, Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in 1911 in the rural mid-west.  He overcame those humble beginnings to become first a radio sportscaster, then a Hollywood actor, then Governor of California before claiming a landslide victory on November 4th 1980 to sweep Jimmy Carter, one of America’s most inept 20th century Presidents from office.  Along this journey Reagan made the transition from Democrat to Republican. Continue reading

Ben Brittain: Louis Smith and The Curious Incident of Islam

The incident of Louis Smith has shown us that if you want to make fun of any religion make sure it's Christianity. If you mock Islam you will be hounded, ridiculed and disgraced. It's safer to laugh at drunk Irish vicars and black nuns. Continue reading

Stephen Anderson: When it comes to discrimination against guide dogs, seeing really is believing

Many of you may have seen me at Party Conference with my guide dog Barney. Most people remember Barney, but not my name. Six months after getting him, I'm getting used to this. I do have some useful vision, but not much. It's a bit like a Lib Dem MP, it's there but it's not very useful. Continue reading

Bret Facey: The First Minister & the Fish - A tale of two Sturgeons

Listening to Nicola Sturgeon at her Party conference, I was reminded of that all so common phenomena in contemporary British politics, hypocrisy. Once more the woman, who shares a name as well as many characteristics with a fish, takes to the podium to spread her nationalist, divisive, drivel to an audience of fanatic separatists. Who, by the way, would quite happily see Scotland ruined provided they achieved their lifetime ambition; breaking free of from the oppressive English *Sigh*. While I could quite happily take apart and dispel all of the SNP’s flawed philosophy, for the purposes of keeping this short I will focus on their chief apostle, Sturgeon herself, through comparisons to her aquatic equivalent, the freshwater Sturgeon.  Continue reading

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