Fast Forward! - Andy Burnham: I walk the Railway Line

Andy Burnham: I walk the Railway Line

Labour Leadership contender Andy Burnham has promised that he would re-nationalise the railways “line by line” if he becomes PM. Will they ever learn that public ownership never works?


Burnham is attempting to gain some ground from frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn, who has already pledged to do this. This may have a positive effect on Burnham’s campaign to be Labour leader, but could have a negative effect on the Labour party. Re-nationalisation will only add to the belief that Labour is too left-wing. Voters will think “what will they nationalise next?”

Obviously this idea has not gone down well in Conservative circles. A Telegraph poll today has the majority of people answering “No way! He’d be a disaster” to the question “What do you think of Andy Burnham’s leadership challenge”. Good luck winning over those ‘shy Tories’ Andy …



Dr Spencer Pitfield: Nursing – One of the biggest policy Issues of our time - In June I was elected as a governor onto the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust. The Trust is one of the largest Foundation Trusts across the country employing approximately 16,000 people and turning-over some £1 billion annually.



Look out for those feckless tube drivers who are again on strike. The Underground closes at 6:30pm today and doesn’t reopen till Friday. An interesting article in the Spectator argues ‘Today’s Tube strike is about people vs. technology, not unions and Tories’Don’t give into these Luddites Boris …



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On this day, 5th August, in 1981 Ronald Reagan fired 11,359 striking air traffic controllers who ignored his orders to return to work. Are you reading this Boris?




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