CWF Training Leadership Triumph in Margate


This weekend saw the triumph of Conservative Way Forward's first ever Training Academy in Margate. The event focuses on training the activists of today to be the leaders of tomorrow in the Conservative movement. It was a lot of fun ...

The day featured important and engaging lessons from leaders in their field. Donal Blaney, chairman of the CWF board, gave us an expert talk on the laws surrounding politics. Peter Botting gave a very interactive seminar on how we need to present ourselves to people, asking everyone in the room to explain why they are a Conservative. Next was Paul Osborn who gave a very useful talk on handling negative information - what to do in a crisis is always important to know. Then Spencer Pitfield talked about how to be and get selected as a parliamentary candidate, some interesting stories about his fight in Sheffield made this talk highly engaging. Finally, but by no means least, Dom Morris the candidate in Exeter explained how he had managed in a non-target seat to organise a military style operation against Labour. Well presented and insightful speakers ...


The group moved onto have dinner in which James Cleverly MP, our parliamentary group vice-chairman. He first off gave a speech thanking everyone for getting involved with CWF. He told the crowd that Conservative Way Forward's training and knowledge will be very important in the next few years while Labour rip themselves apart. We must use this time to build and make sure the leaders of the next few years in the Conservative movement are ready to fight against Labour when they recover from Corbyn madness. James also gave a very moving few minutes to why we are all Conservatives. Simply put this was one of the best speeches James Cleverly has given ...


But no Conservative Way Forward event is complete without some fun in the sun. We went to the great pubs and clubs of Margate on the Saturday evening where group socialised and got to meet all the people who had come. Some members had travelled all the way from Lancashire to come to this event! The next day we spent time in the sun on Margate beach and the arcades on the Promenade.


All in all this was a fantastic weekend in Margate. It was also a good day for the Conservative Movement as CWF has now begun training better activists and potential parliamentarians. The next CWF action weekend will be in Bournemouth starting on the 5th September. After the amazing success of Margate you'd be mad not to come ...

Elliott Johnson is the Political Editor of Conservative Way Forward.

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