• "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

  • "We will do everything we can to help anybody, whatever your background, to go as far as your talents will take you."

    - Theresa May

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James Cleverly MP: Grassroots activism helped deliver Brexit - the hard work for 2020 must start now

The Conservative Party Conference is just a few days away, and I want to make sure that we start in style with a huge team of campaigners on the ground. Continue reading

Liam Taylor: Does our generation still care about democracy?

Do we still care about democracy? I mean, as a nation thankfully we still do. The referendum proved that. But the reaction to the result has exposed a significant portion of the population that apparently no longer does. More worryingly still, much of the hostility seems to be coming from the younger, ostensibly more liberal, generation. My generation. It’s more than a spasm of grief following a highly emotional vote. It’s part of a consistent pattern of behaviour over recent years.  Continue reading

Parliamentary Drinks Reception with the Rt. Hon. Dr Liam Fox MP

Conservative Way Forward were delighted to host 200 supporters at a Parliamentary Summer Drinks Party on the House of Commons Terrace last night. Continue reading

Edward Sumner: Why I Joined The Conservative Party

One week ago I joined The Conservative Party. I had always imagined that I’d find it a hard thing to do, if i ever were to do it. Mainly because up until two months or so ago the party was lead by a Prime Minister in David Cameron, who was campaigning against me in the referendum on the European Union. My decision in the end though was not a hard one by any means, it was actually rather straight forward and a sensible move for me to make now that the party and the country is lead by Theresa May.  Continue reading

Joe Porter: We need a Brexit deal that works for everyone

We are finally achieving the 'Brexit means Brexit' consensus in the Conservative Party, and it is clear that we need to get on with the job of grasping the opportunities open to us in the wider world.  Continue reading

Upcoming Events & Action Days

CWF at Party Conference 2016: Saturday night on the canals!



This year CWF are kicking off Party Conference on Saturday 1st October, in style, aboard the 'Victoria'. 

Join the team and very special guests as we explore the historic Birmingham canal network. There will be pizzas and FREE DRINKS and the chance to mingle before Conference begins in earnest, the following day. 

We will be departing from the Tap & Spile pub at the Gas Street Basin (just outside the secure zone) at 6pm prompt and will return before 9pm. Tickets are just £10 and limited to the capacity of the boat. Make sure you book your ticket as soon as possible - this event is not to be missed! 

We hope to see you there! 
*We will be unveiling more events at Conference in due course so watch this space...

sold out

CWF Action Day at Party Conference 2016!

If you attended the Conservative Party Conference last year in Manchester, you will remember the gangs of socialist Labour protesters who attempted to bring a halt to Conference. They littered the streets, threw eggs at young unsuspecting Tory delegates and generally filled the atmosphere with their particular brand of hatred.

What was Conservative Way Forward's response? We scooped up over 100 activists and took to the streets of Trafford for a positive and cheerful campaigning session led by the local MP, Graham Brady, to tell people why the borough should stay blue: making sure people on low incomes have more money in their pocket instead of crushing them with higher taxes.


Join Conservative Way Forward at Conference again this year on our action-packed Campaign Bus! 

Here's the plan for Sunday 2nd October: 

We are off to Halesowen to support hero James Morris MP. 

He who campaigns, shall gain FREE ENTRY into our exclusive drinks reception that evening with James Cleverly MP. (If you can't campaign, tickets are available HERE)

We shall depart central Birmingham at 11am returning in time for the Prime Minister's speech at 2.30pm. Led by top CWF'er James Cleverly MP, we will stomp the streets for a couple of hours. Sandwiches and drinks will be supplied!

You MUST register here to receive final joining instructions. Please be sure to give us both your email address and mobile number.

We will see you there!

*Please make sure you register via the link below to say you'll join us and reserve your seat on the bus. We only have 75 spots available and it will be first-come-first-served: so please only book a seat if you can really join us on the day.  




Come and join CWF on Sunday 2nd October at 6pm in one of the most picturesque bars in town - the Malt House. 

Situated just outside the secure zone overlooking the canal, we will be gathering there after a busy afternoon's campaigning to get the first evening of Conference off to a flying start. 

If you go to the back of the ICC and turn right along the canal, you will see the Malt House on the right-hand side about 200m along from the secure zone. We will be on the first floor balcony from 6pm and wrapping up proceedings around 8.30/9pm. 

We will be joined by James Cleverly MP on the evening. James is Deputy Chairman of our Parliamentary Council.  He is famous for his hard work before becoming an MP as a member of the GLA and since being a key campaigner for Brexit and one of the most popular MPs you are likely to meet. 

Here's the important bit. If you join us on our action day that afternoon (also with James), you will be rewarded with FREE TICKETS to our Sunday evening drinks.  If not, tickets are just £10, click on the link below to book yours.

We will see you there!



Come and join CWF on Monday 3rd October at 6pm on the terrace of one of the most picturesque bars in town - the Malt House. 

Situated just outside the secure zone overlooking the canal, we will be gathering there with Charlie Elphicke MP to hear all about Brexit, the UK-France border, and the Calais Jungle.

If you go to the back of the ICC and turn right along the canal, you will see the Malt House on the right-hand side about 200m along from the secure zone. We will be on the first floor balcony from 6pm and wrapping up proceedings around 8pm. 

Please read this personal message from Charlie:

Just last weekend, three suspected migrants were arrested in Walmer in my constituency of Dover & Deal. More must be done to prevent these people traffickers from landing migrants on our shores. This is why I have been calling for a new Dover Patrol led by the Royal Marines to protect our borders.

Earlier this month I visited the Calais Jungle. I welcome French President Hollande’s promise today that he will dismantle Calais Jungle, and it is essential for our two countries to work together on this. But we must deal with the causes of this crisis – not just the symptoms. That means we should spend less time building walls and fences. We need to focus on dismantling the Jungle and helping the people there back to their home nations. It is vital we protect tourists, truckers and trade from petrol bombing, chainsaw revving, machete wielding people traffickers.

Please join me at Conservative Party Conference to discuss these important issues over a drink at the Malt House pub.

We will see you there!



Join Conservative Way Forward in the Think Tent marquee for a panel discussion on Brexit, the grassroots and the US Elections: the future of Conservatism.

Speakers include:

  • Sir Gerald Howarth - Member of Parliament for Aldershot and former Minister for the Ministry of Defence, Chairman of Conservative Way Forward
  • Kate Andrews - News Editor, IEA and fortnightly columnist for CityAM, writing on the state of the US Presidential race
  • Jonathan Isaby - Editor of Brexit Central, former Chief Executive of the TaxPayers Alliance
  • Chrissie Boyle - Executive Director at Conservative Way Forward
  • The Rt. Hon Theresa Villiers - Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet and former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.
Wine will be served.