• "The largest and most effective pressure group within the Conservative movement today."

    - David Cameron

  • "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

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Cllr Dr Kathy Smethers: Vocational Training Courses should be Reintroduced in Secondary Schools

There has been a policy of scrapping vocational training courses in schools because they were not sufficiently rigorous educationally to be equivalent to GCSEs. My argument is that there is a need for more practical based courses in schools for those pupils who struggle with academia, but flourish by studying in a different way. Continue reading

Stephen Hoffman: Time to leave us alone!

When it comes to eating, drinking, smoking and vaping, the body is the property of the individual alone. It is not for the state to interfere. Continue reading

James Cleverly MP: Why I asked VW to buy our old junk diesels

A series of cons have put the UK’s lungs and wallets in a bad place.  The first con was that diesel is cleaner when it wasn’t. The second con was Volkswagen’s cheating on emissions tests. Because of both, people who were trying to do the environment a favour are stuck with worse polluting vehicles. Continue reading

Jesse Lucas: Keep Sunday Sacred

Enjoying your Sunday so far? Are you relaxing and reading Forward! with a nice cuppa, waiting for The Andrew Marr Show to begin whilst looking forward to a blissful day ahead with the family? Beware, this could soon be coming to an end if the government gets its way! Continue reading

The Week That Was

Action Today Have something to say? We are always looking for contributions to our 'Forward!' blog. Please e-mail our new Commissioning Editor, Theodora Dickinson, with any ideas for articles!   Continue reading

Upcoming Events & Action Days

CWF Christmas Party with Greg Hands MP!


Come and join us on the 16th December in a central Westminster location whilst we celebrate Christmas and a successful year for CWF. We will be joined by Chief Economic Secretary to the Treasury, the Rt Hon Greg Hands MP. 

Mince pies, unlimited booze, dancing and general festive merriment could all be yours for just £10 a ticket. 

Since the election, we have been very busy. 

  • FIVE action days with hundreds of you turning out
  • THREE tub-thumping parties for our launch, parliamentary reception and a PACKED party at Conference
  • 1 fantastic training weekend under our belt and the next just around the corner in Romford
  • Over ONE HUNDRED brilliant new articles written by YOU for our blog

Come and celebrate with us, meet the Organising Committee, shake hands with MP’s and Greg but most importantly – drink and be merry! 
The venue has limited capacity so tickets will be dished out on a first come, first served basis – don’t miss out. 

Book your tickets today!

sold out


CWF’s mission is to train the next generation of Conservative leaders. So far we have run two highly successful CWF Academies, in Margate and in Romford. The feedback has been unanimous – MORE PLEASE. 

In the run up to the Mayoral Election in May, we are running three special edition academies for London Conservative Future members. These will run on Thursday evenings at a central London location and will be first come first served.

The first of these is FREE for CF members. On Thursday 7th January, Paul Abbott, Chief Executive of CWF, will be sharing his experience from running the highly successful Team2015 network. Alongside Paul, Chris Rowell, CF regional Chairman for Yorkshire and the Humber and campaign manager to Andrea Jenkyn in the general election will be telling us about how he and Andrea ousted Ed Balls in Morley and Outwood. 

Paul & Chris will be teaching us:

  • How to set up and promote an action day.
  • How to run a successful campaign day on the ground.
  • How to get the most out of volunteers and ensure they come back again.

Co-host London CF Chairman Luke Springthorpe will be telling us more about the battle we face in London. Luke was heavily involved in the campaign on the ground in London up until May 2015 so is best placed to inform us of the battle ahead! 

We will kick-off at 7pm and after training there will be the requisite FREE DRINKS. 

To reserve your place, please click on the link below and print them out to bring with you. 

We hope to see you there! 

PS – Both of our Academies sold-out so don’t miss out – BOOK TODAY.


CWF Action & Training Weekend In Croydon Central!



Gavin Barwell MP - one of the heroes helping to keep London a Conservative city - needs our help. He holds Croydon by just a few hundred votes.

We are committed to helping Conservative MP's in marginal seats and few can be more deserving than Gavin! Our next action day will be on the 9th January 2016, and will be hosted jointly by CWF and London CF's Chairman, Luke Springthorpe.

There will of course be the usual FREE DRINKS and dinner in the evening!

The plan looks like this:

Saturday 9th January:

  • 1pm: Arrive in Croydon
  • Head out to campaign with team CWF!
  • Then drinks are on us, a delicious dinner and a night on the tiles in Croydon!

All are welcome to join for the campaigning but don't miss out on dinner in the evening. For just £10, join us for dinner, FREE DRINKS and special guests TBC.




Come and join us on Thursday 14th January at 7pm, for our 2nd special edition Academy with Chairman Donal Blaney.

Donal is the founder of the Young Britons Foundation and the Margaret Thatcher Centre alongside his role as Chairman of the Board at CWF.  A litigator by day, Donal is a well-known pioneer of the right-wing movement and YBF alumni include several sitting MPs and Ministers alike.  Come and receive his training in Television Presentation which is as important for budding politicians as it is for aspiring broadcast journalists.

Donal will be covering:

  • What to wear - and what not to wear 
  • How to write and deliver autocue 
  • Use of earpieces 
  • How to avoid studio distractions 
  • The techniques of professional broadcast interviewers 
  • How to facilitate interesting debates, discussions and interviews

Tickets are £5 a head to include a glass of wine afterwards.

We are anticipating this will sell-out quickly so don’t miss out and book your ticket via the link below.

We will see you there!

PS – If you have attended any of our public speaking sessions, this a great way to put your new skills into practice.



This is the 3rd special edition Academy taking place on the 28th January. We are continuing in our mission to find and train young Conservatives and provide them with the skills they will need to be a leader within the Party.

Peter Botting hosted our most recent sold-out academy in Romford.  We are lucky to have him for the evening to talk to us about why  learning to speak in public and tell your story, is a fundamental skill which politicians and leading businessmen alike, rely on heavily in their careers and to give us a few tips along the way. There will be time for questions during the event as well as over a glass of wine afterwards.

Peter is a world-renowned trainer in public speaking and storytelling with clients including a large number of current Conservative MP’s who has also worked with global brands including SAP, IBM, ThyssenKrupp and Mercedes Benz. He is a TEDMED SpeakerCoach and has coached speakers featured on TEDMED and TED and also worked with the Sri Lankan President on his speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

The subsidised tickets are only £10 and also include beer and wine afterwards. 

Numbers are strictly limited and Peter’s sessions always sell out so make sure you book your ticket today via the link below. 

We hope to see you there!

PS – Both of our Academies sold-out so don’t miss out – BOOK TODAY.



Come and join us for the 6th CWF Academy on Saturday 19th March from 1pm, in a central London location.  

This is a 4-hour, intensive public speaking workshop - with practical training in a small group. It is designed to help leading Conservative activists to build up their confidence about speaking to large crowds and on TV/radio.  In a unique twist, we will also have the opportunity for those who are brave enough, to give their final speech to a TV camera with Peter’s guidance. 

Peter Botting is a world-renowned trainer in public speaking and storytelling with clients including a large number of current Conservative MP’s who has also worked with global brands including SAP, IBM, ThyssenKrupp and Mercedes Benz. He is a TEDMED Speaker Coach and has coached speakers featured on TEDMED and TED and also worked with the Sri Lankan President on his speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

His half-day workshops with CWF activists have been hugely successful so far. Come prepared to work hard, learn invaluable new skills, and have fun!

After training, we will head out for dinner and drinks nearby before heading home.

Tickets are priced at £45. This includes the training, free dinner and free drinks that evening!

Please book your ticket by clicking on the link below.

Numbers are strictly limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Venue to be announced shortly.

PS – We advise early booking to ensure you don’t miss out!


GOTV with Greg Hands & CWF on POLLING DAY


After what will have been a furious five-month battle, CWF are descending on Fulham and Chelsea to get out the vote for our candidate Zac Goldsmith on polling day in London – 5th May 2016.

We will be joined by our campaigning Chief Secretary to the Treasury - The Rt. Hon Greg Hands MP - and our local champion Councillor Greg Smith who will be boosting morale among the troops throughout the day.

Make no mistake, this is a turn-out election. We need to keep battling to the last minute. 

Come and join us at 3pm on 5th May 2016  to help get out the vote. We will be knocking on doors through the crucial afternoon/evening session when people are returning home from work - and whisking them off to a nearby polling station!

Then, after close of poll, come and join us in the pub for a well-earned drink.

We hope to see you there!