• "The largest and most effective pressure group within the Conservative movement today."

    - David Cameron

  • "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

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CWF Activists take over Trafford!

Today in numbers: 100+ activists, 2 hours =12,000 letters delivered. On a sunny Sunday in Manchester and the first day of Conservative Party Conference 2015, a gang of socialist Labour protesters took to central Manchester in an attempt to bring a halt to Conference. They littered the streets, threw eggs at young unsuspecting Tory delegates and generally filled the atmosphere with their particular brand of hatred. What did we do? We scooped up over 100 activists and took to the streets of Trafford to tell people 10 reasons why the borough should stay blue - making sure people on low incomes have more money in their pocket instead of crushing them with higher taxes. Positive cheerful campaigning led by local MP, Graham Brady and Council Leader Sean Anstee. Continue reading

Simon Winters OBE joins CWF

CWF are pleased to announce that Simon Winters OBE has joined us as Director of Fundraising.  Using his years of experience in the field, he is helping us to develop a Patrons Club to give us the resources we need to support the Conservative Mayoralty candidate with action days and activist training. Continue reading

Alexandra Paterson: The CWF guide to Conference!

Our Organising Committee Deputy Chairman, Alexandra Paterson, has put together a guide of the must-see must-do events at Conference. Click on the link below for your copy!   CWF guide to Conservative Party Conference 2015  Continue reading

VIDEO: Labour's plan for Britain

Check out the new video from CCHQ... Continue reading

Upcoming Events & Action Days

CWF Action Day at Party Conference 2015!


Join Conservative Way Forward at Conference this year on our action-packed Campaign Bus! 

At CWF we don't just talk about campaigning: we get out there and do it. That's why a huge team of us will be boarding the CWF campaign bus at 2pm on Sunday 4th October, with leading figures from the Conservative movement led by Graham Brady MP, Liam Fox MP, and others. 

We are headed to Trafford - the only Conservative-held council in the Manchester region and one that is extremely marginal. We need to hold it next year, to ensure that Corbyn's Labour Party don't start to gain traction. 

To secure the long-term economic recovery that Britain needs, it's critical that we keep up the momentum now - especially in places like Trafford that need our help. 

Sign up below to register your seat for the bus. We only have 75 spots aboard the double-decker and it will be first-come-first-serve: so please only book a seat if you can really join us on the day.  

Here's the plan for Sunday 4th October: 

2pm: Assemble outside the secure zone and board the CWF campaign bus. Precise location TBC. 

5pm: We'll be back at the secure zone by 5pm, safe in the knowledge we've done our bit to help the Trafford Conservatives, Graham Brady MP, and our other colleagues in the North West. 

RSVP to say you'll join us. 

PS - Anyone who joins us on the CWF Campaign Bus will gain FREE ENTRY to our infamous CWF midnight reception that evening! (Tickets for non-members are £30).



CWF Midnight Reception with Rt. Hon Rob Halfon MP at Party Conference 2015


Come and join us as we celebrate Conference in traditional CWF style with our Midnight Reception. We are thrilled to confirm that Deputy Party Chairman, the Rt. Hon Rob Halfon MP will be joining us on the night.

We will be in the Petersfield Suite in the Midland Hotel from 11.30pm on Sunday 4th October.

There are two types of ticket:

1. FREE for Associate Members of CWF (you still need to book)

2. £30 for non-members

sold out

CWF Action & Training Weekend in Romford!


Andrew Rosindell MP is the Godfather of grassroots campaigning. 

So where better to hold our next CWF Academy, than Romford? 

Our second Academy training weekend will be on the 31st October / 1st November and we are going to make it a half day completely dedicated to improving your public speaking skills, plus dinner, drinks, and a night out at Romford dog track!

We are thrilled that Peter Botting will be carrying out the training for us.

Peter is a Strategy, Storytelling and Speaker Coach who has coached speakers featured on TEDMED and TED.com.

He has worked with politicians and business people around the world, helping them to tell their stories and give speeches and presentations in the style of TED talks. 

He worked with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister on his address to the United Nations and over 1/3 of current UK Conservative MPs have been through his training. Peter was responsible for getting the Labour Party to join the No2AV campaign. 

He has worked with major global brands including SAP, Mercedes, ThyssenKrupp and IBM and has prepared speakers for industry keynotes, television interviews, investor pitches, internal and external stakeholder presentations and appearances in front of a United Kingdom Parliamentary Select Committee - similar to congressional testimony. 

Read more at www.peterbotting.co.uk

Here's the plan:

Saturday 31st October: 1pm Arrive in Romford

  • A half-day of public speaking training, from a top-level expert.
  • A hearty dinner and drinks at a nearby pub.
  • A night out at Romford Dog Track!

We'll stay overnight locally.

Sunday 1st November

  • A hearty brunch together in the morning.
  • We all go home wiser, weary and having had a great weekend!

There are two types of ticket available:

1. Day ticket - £55: Includes the half-day of CWF public speaking training, dinner, and drinks. 

2. Overnight ticket - £79: Includes the half-day of public speaking training, dinner, and drinks... PLUS overnight hotel accommodation and free entry to Romford Dog track.


P.S. Our Academy weekend in Margate sold out very quickly so be sure to book early!


CWF Action & Training Weekend In Croydon Central!



Gavin Barwell MP - one of the heroes helping to keep London a Conservative city has won Croydon Central, historically a Labour seat, against all the odds - twice.

We are committed to helping our MP's in marginal seats and few can be more deserving than Gavin! Our third weekend will be on the 5th/6th December. The usual key elements are in place: Expert level training. Practising what we preach and hitting the streets for Gavin and of course...the usual FREE DRINKS and dinner in the evening!

The plan looks like this:

Saturday 5th December: 1pm - Arrive in Croydon

  • Head out to campaign for a couple of hours.
  • A training session by a top-level facilitator.
  • Then drinks are on us, a delicious dinner and a night on the tiles in Croydon!

An overnight stay locally followed by:

Sunday 6th December

  • A hearty brunch to cure any potential hangovers (!).  
  • A debrief of the events of the day before.
  • We head home.

There are two types of ticket available:

1. Day ticket - £20: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS and dinner.
2. Overnight ticket - £75: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS, dinner and accommodation.


PS - Don't miss out - Margate sold out and Romford is well on its way!


CWF Action & Training Weekend in Harrow!


(Harrow on the Hill, Francis Jukes 1798) 

By January 2016, we will be just five months away from the London Mayoral Elections. CWF will be leading the charge to campaign for our Conservative candidate – whoever he may be. Our organising committee will have been up and running for 6 months. Our mission to find and train the next generation of Conservative leaders, will be well underway. 

To kick off our 2016 programme, we are headed to Harrow. There is plenty to do! Our excellent Conservative councillors in a Labour held borough need our support. And the small matter of the Mayoralty… We will fill the weekend with campaigning sessions, top-level training and the usual FREE DRINKS and dinner. 

The plan looks like this: 

Saturday 9th January: 1pm - Arrive in Harrow 

  • We’ll be on the campaign trail, knocking on doors, talking to constituents.
  • Then we’ll engage our brains in some top-level training!
  • Then FREE DRINKS! And a delicious dinner and a night on the tiles to round off the day.

We’ll stay overnight nearby. 

Sunday 10th January 

  • A hearty brunch to refuel before heading home.

There are two types of ticket available: 

1. Day ticket - £20: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS and dinner. 
2. Overnight ticket - £75: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS, dinner and accommodation. 


PS - Don't miss out!