• "The largest and most effective pressure group within the Conservative movement today."

    - David Cameron

  • "Don't just hope for a better life. Vote for one."

    - Margaret Thatcher

  • "We are for the ladder. Let all try their best to climb."

    - Winston Churchill

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[VOTE] Automate the Tube?

With the feckless Tube drivers on strike again today, the question of automating Underground has been raised. Should we allow these Luddites to continue to cause chaos or replace the lazy drivers with robots? Continue reading

Fast Forward! - Andy Burnham: I walk the Railway Line

Andy Burnham: I walk the Railway Line Labour Leadership contender Andy Burnham has promised that he would re-nationalise the railways “line by line” if he becomes PM. Will they ever learn that public ownership never works? Continue reading

Dr Spencer Pitfield: Nursing – One of the biggest policy Issues of our time

In June I was elected as a governor onto the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust. The Trust is one of the largest Foundation Trusts across the country employing approximately 16,000 people and turning-over some £1 billion annually. Continue reading

HAVE YOUR SAY: Public Consultation on Sports Funding

Three years has now passed since the Olympic Games were held in London. This had an extraordinarily positive effect on the interest of the public in sport, and participation soared to record numbers. But there has since been a decline. Continue reading

Caption Competition: Messiah

Entries in the comment section below ... keep them witty.

Upcoming Events & Action Days



Conservative Way Forward are all about securing the future of our Party - and that starts with you - the activists.

During the general election we all dedicated hours, days and weeks of our lives to pounding the pavements, knocking on doors and campaigning long hours to ensure the Conservative victory that Britain needs.

But, what comes next for you? At CWF, we're committed to finding and training the next generation of Conservative leaders. That's why we're starting a new programme: CWF Leadership Training.

Our first weekend will be on the beach in sunny Margate, on 8 - 9 August. We will be offering this opportunity to just a lucky few, to take part in this training course with senior figures and experts from the Conservative movement.

The sessions will cover:

  • Public speaking & storytelling - Peter Botting
  • Voluntary Party Best Practice and Grassroots Policy Development - Dr Spencer Pitfield
  • An introduction to political law.
  • How to rebut negative attacks.
  • An introduction to TV/radio interviews.
  • War stories from MPs who have made it.

Being CWF, we will obviously follow this with a slap-up dinner on the beach, with lots of drinks, followed by a fun night out in Margate! For those who stay overnight we will spend a morning on the beach, have the obligatory fish'n'chips for lunch before making our way home.

Here's the important bit:

For people to get the most out of the training sessions, we will have to limit numbers. So, there are just 30 available slots for the training day, and 20 spaces for people to stay overnight. These tickets are first-come, first-serve.

Sign up below to reserve your ticket. See you on the beach!

P.S. Remember, this is a unique opportunity to combine a fun weekend on the beach with some top-level training, and meet like-minded people along the way! Numbers are limited, so book today to make sure you don't miss out.



Come and join CWF and London Conservative Future on August 15th as we host Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park & contender for the Conservative Mayoral candidacy. Andrew Boff and Philippa Roe are also confirmed as speakers at the event later on.

We'll be meeting outside Hanger Lane tube station in Ealing from 10:30 AM for a short stint of campaigning in the marginal GLA seat of Ealing & Hillingdon followed by a town hall style meeting with Zac, which will give you the chance to ask your questions and hear his views on a wide range of matters. 

We'll then go for a few beers at a local pub.


(Note: Other Mayoral candidates have also been invited and although a number of them are confirmed as being unavailable we are awaiting a response from several others)


CWF Summer Drinks Reception


Sir Gerald Howarth MP and the Management Board of Conservative Way Forward invite you to join us on the Terrace of the House of Commons for the Annual CWF Summer Drinks Reception.

Come and enjoy a summer's evening of wine and political conversation, with one of the best views of London and the Thames. This will be a great chance to mingle with leading Thatcherite MPs and Peers and discuss how we can continue to fight for sound principles.


Join us for a weekend of summer fun, Conservative campaigning, and a slap-up dinner on Bournemouth beach with the one and only Conor Burns MP. 

There will be organised transport from London, leaving early on Saturday morning, and returning on Sunday lunchtime, for those who want to really make a big weekend of it!

Spaces are strictly limited, so book your place early to avoid disappointment.

There are multiple ticket options available if you would like organised transport from London, a seat at the evening dinner, and overnight hotel accommodation.

Alternatively if you're making your own way there, you can pay for the dinner only:


Alternatively if plan to make your own way there, purely for the action day on Saturday afternoon with FREE DRINKS afterwards, please RSVP below in the normal way.


CWF Action Day at Party Conference 2015!


Join Conservative Way Forward at Conference this year on our action-packed Campaign Bus! 

At CWF we don't just talk about campaigning: we get out there and do it. That's why a huge team of us will be boarding the CWF campaign bus at 2pm on Sunday 4th October, with leading figures from the Conservative movement. We'll then head to a nearby marginal seat for a spot of campaigning in the sunshine, before returning in time for your evening plans. 

After our historic victory in May, we aren't resting on our laurels. To secure the long-term economic recovery that Britain needs, it's critical that we keep up momentum - especially in Northern cities like Manchester, where many seats are still incredibly marginal. 

It's up to this grassroots movement to finish what we started. 

Are you with us? 

Here's the plan for Sunday 4th October:

2pm: Assemble outside the secure zone and board the CWF campaign bus. We'll then head to a nearby marginal seat with senior Conservative figures, for a couple of hours of talking with voters on the doorstep, about our Conference and what it means for them.

5pm: We'll be back at the secure zone by 5pm, safe in the knowledge we've done our bit to help our local MPs in the North West.

RSVP to say you'll join us.

PS - Anyone who joins us on the CWF Campaign Bus will gain FREE ENTRY to our infamous CWF midnight reception that evening! (Tickets for non-members are £30)


CWF Midnight Reception with Rt. Hon Rob Halfon MP at Party Conference 2015


Come and join us as we celebrate Conference in traditional CWF style with our Midnight Reception. We are thrilled to confirm that Deputy Party Chairman, the Rt. Hon Rob Halfon MP will be joining us on the night.

We will be in the Petersfield Suite in the Midland Hotel from 11.30pm on Sunday 4th October.

There are two types of ticket:

1. FREE for Associate Members of CWF (you still need to book)

2. £30 for non-members


PS - This is a notoriously oversubscribed event so make sure you book your ticket quickly!


CWF Action & Training Weekend in Romford!


Andrew Rosindell MP is the Godfather of grassroots campaigning. 

So where better to hold the next CWF Action Weekend then, than Romford!  Our second training weekend will be on the 31st October/1st November and we are going to cram it with top-level training, hitting the doorsteps for Andrew and our usual fun and high jinks. And the ever-present FREE DRINKS.

The plan looks like this:

Saturday 31st October: 1pm Arrive in Romford

  • We head out for a couple of hours knocking on doors for Andrew followed by..
  • A training session from a top-level expert.
  • A delicious dinner and FREE DRINKS
  • A night out at Romford Dog Track!

We'll stay overnight locally.

Sunday 1st November

  • A hearty brunch to chew over the events of the weekend.
  • We all go home wiser, weary and having had a great weekend!

There are two types of ticket available:

1. Day ticket - £20: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS and dinner.
2. Overnight ticket - £75: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS, dinner and accommodation and free entry to Romford Dog track.


P.S. Our weekend in Margate sold out very quickly so be sure to book early!


CWF Action & Training Weekend In Croydon Central!



Gavin Barwell MP - one of the heroes helping to keep London a Conservative city has won Croydon Central, historically a Labour seat, against all the odds - twice.

We are committed to helping our MP's in marginal seats and few can be more deserving than Gavin! Our third weekend will be on the 5th/6th December. The usual key elements are in place: Expert level training. Practising what we preach and hitting the streets for Gavin and of course...the usual FREE DRINKS and dinner in the evening!

The plan looks like this:

Saturday 5th December: 1pm - Arrive in Croydon

  • Head out to campaign for a couple of hours.
  • A training session by a top-level facilitator.
  • Then drinks are on us, a delicious dinner and a night on the tiles in Croydon!

An overnight stay locally followed by:

Sunday 6th December

  • A hearty brunch to cure any potential hangovers (!).  
  • A debrief of the events of the day before.
  • We head home.

There are two types of ticket available:

1. Day ticket - £20: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS and dinner.
2. Overnight ticket - £75: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS, dinner and accommodation.


PS - Don't miss out - Margate sold out and Romford is well on its way!


CWF Action & Training Weekend in Harrow!


(Harrow on the Hill, Francis Jukes 1798) 

By January 2016, we will be just five months away from the London Mayoral Elections. CWF will be leading the charge to campaign for our Conservative candidate – whoever he may be. Our organising committee will have been up and running for 6 months. Our mission to find and train the next generation of Conservative leaders, will be well underway. 

To kick off our 2016 programme, we are headed to Harrow. There is plenty to do! Bob Blackman is flying the flag in Harrow East. Our excellent Conservative councillors in a Labour held borough need our support. And the small matter of the Mayoralty… We will fill the weekend with campaigning sessions, top-level training and the usual FREE DRINKS and dinner. 

The plan looks like this: 

Saturday 9th January: 1pm - Arrive in Harrow 

  • We’ll be on the campaign trail, knocking on doors, talking to constituents.
  • Then we’ll engage our brains in some top-level training!
  • Then FREE DRINKS! And a delicious dinner and a night on the tiles to round off the day.

We’ll stay overnight nearby. 

Sunday 10th January 

  • A hearty brunch to refuel before heading home.

There are two types of ticket available: 

1. Day ticket - £20: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS and dinner. 
2. Overnight ticket - £75: Includes the training, FREE DRINKS, dinner and accommodation. 


PS - Don't miss out!